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The 5 Whys

Peels back the layers of symptoms to uncover the root cause of a problem, promoting a deeper understanding and more sustainable solutions.


Unleashes creative thinking and generates a high volume of ideas, fostering an open and innovative environment for problem-solving.


Stimulates thought and sparks creativity by encouraging  multiple aspects of modifying or improving an existing idea or solution.

6 Thinking Hats

Provides a structured way of thinking from different perspectives, leading to thorough exploration and balanced decision-making.

Pareto Analysis

A technique that effectively prioritizes challenges or tasks, based on the principle that a few key causes lead to the majority of effects.


Offers a systematic approach to innovation, enabling the transformation of complex problems into more manageable ones with inventive solutions.


Ensures consistency and completeness in carrying out tasks, reducing errors, and increasing efficiency in the problem-solving process.

Devil's Advocacy

Challenges assumptions and exposes potential flaws in an idea, promoting ideas for critical thinking and robust solutions.

Delphi Technique

Utilizes the collective intelligence of a group in a structured multi-step process, aiming for well-considered outcomes.


Combines personal idea generation and team talks to make decisions together, reducing the impact of dominant people.

Positive Deviance

Identifies out-of-the-box practices or behaviors that enable certain individuals or groups to find better solutions to a problem than their peers.

Appreciative Inquiry

Focuses on strengths and potential, fostering a positive framework for change and development.

Force Field Analysis

Maps out the forces for and against a change, helping to identify what will best drive progress and what is hindering it.


Tackles complex, “messy” problems by understanding and structuring them, emphasizing the human, cultural, and political dimensions.

Cognitive Mapping

Identifies out-of-the-box practices or behaviors that enable certain individuals or groups to find better solutions to a problem than their peers.

Cross-Impact Analysis

Evaluates the interactions and combined effects of different events and decisions, useful for strategic planning and anticipating future scenarios.

Analogical Thinking

Draws parallels from different domains to inspire creative solutions and offers a new perspective on entrenched problems.


Starts with defining a desirable future and works backward to the present, identifying strategic steps to achieve that future.

Lateral Thinking

Encourages thinking outside the box to solve problems through an indirect and creative approach, often leading to novel solutions.

Counterfactual Thinking

Explores alternative realities and outcomes from decisions made differently, providing insights into how future decisions might lead to different outcomes.