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Get access to 45+ ChatGPT course modules. These modules are designed to help you go from creating an account to solving complex problems with ChatGPT. These course modules are always updating with ChatGPT.

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Acquire the keys to a private group of actively learning ChatGPT enthusiasts, like yourself. Leave feedback, get suggestions, share ideas, make connections.

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Unlock 300 unique professions to transform ChatGPT to become an expert in ANY field, so that you can get tailored solutions to specific problems.


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ChatGPT Mastery Course

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ChatGPT Mastery

Course Content

  1. What is ChatGPT?
  2. Creating an account
  3. The dashboard and settings
  4. Free vs plus
  5. ChatGPT use cases
  1. Prompting questions and commands
  2. Output formatting
  3. Concision and context principles
  4. Adding system functions
  5. Descriptors, styles, tones
  1. Few-shot prompting
  2. Synthesized learning (dual prompt approach)
  3. Prompt priming
  4. Problem-solving paradigm
  1. Enabling features and understanding opportunities
  2. Web browsing guide and use cases
  3. Plugins guide and use cases
  1. Activation and use cases
  2. Data cleaning and manipulating
  3. Radar charts
  4. Creating QR codes
  1. Scaling my income using ChatGPT
  2. Tailored health and workout plans using ChatGPT
  3. Generating AI image prompts using ChatGPT
  1. Workspace installation process
  2. Workspace navigation
  3. How to utilize this workspace
  1. Activate and use custom instructions
  2. Crafting personas
  3. Basic output formats
  4. Advanced output formats
  5. 300 custom personas template
  1. Activation and use cases
  2. Diagnosing issues
  3. Providing solutions
  4. Styling advice
  5. Turn images into text
  6. Character and image description
  7. Real life ChatGPT Vision use cases
  1. What are GPTs?
  2. Creating a basic GPT
  3. Configuring your GPT
  4. Adding knowledge to your GPT
  5. Adding actions to your GPT


ChatGPT Mastery Course




ChatGPT Mastery Course

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ChatGPT Mastery

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This course and group is now being hosted on Skool is a great course and community platform allowing for the community to stay on the exact same website as the course. No need for any discord or slack channels.

Yes, you will have lifetime access to the group and course when purchased!

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